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3 Steps to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

According to The Health Science Academy, the average Briton consumes 150 pounds of sugar every year. That's a lot of sugar, around 238 teaspoons a week.

You find sugar in petty much every food item from cakes, baked beans to ketchup and barbecue sauces. You can even find sugar in crackers and whole-wheat bread!

Why can't we just quit sugar and never eat it again? Well it's not that easy, it's very addictive. It's actually more addictive than hard drugs, it's unbelievable right?

The question I'm asked the most as a personal trainer and coach is " What can I do to change my sugar habits"? So I thought it would be useful to create 3 steps to help you cut down on your sugar intake.

1. Don't have it in the house. Like I say to my clients in my consultations and videos, I don't buy any cakes, biscuits or other treats. That way when the craving strikes, there's nothing in the cupboards and the thought of going out to the shops just for a bar of chocolate puts me off. When I want something sweet, I try a natural source first such as dates or banana pancakes, if that doesn't suffice than I only buy single items rather than in bulk. Remember you are in charge of what you put in your shopping trolley!

2. Eat sources of superfoods. If you're craving sugar at lot of the time is the body telling us we are lacking in some type of nutrients. Try having a variety of foods such as berries to fish, greens, avocados, beans and even dark chocolate! Once the body receives the nutrient that is lacking in than your craving should reduce.

3. Reduce your stress levels. It's easier said than done but there are lots of strategies you could use to decrease your stress levels. So what's the connection between stress and sugar? Well think about when you had a bad day at work or your little ones are just too much...what's the first thing on your mind? Maybe to have a biscuit, a slice of cake or some chocolate. Remember that sugar is addictive so when your brain receives this quick sugar intake, you will feel good and temporarily satisfied. Once the insulin levels return to normal, the craving for high sugary foods will return.

Try these steps and hopefully they will help you in breaking the sugar habit!

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