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Client Testimonials


"Beatrice is an excellent personal trainer. I haven't felt this healthy,strong or happy with my self in along time. She keeps me constantly motivated and is always there when you need her for support and, is full of top tips. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed atmosphere. She has shown me that it's possible to exercise and be healthy with your little one and, to keep fit and do a workout in any environment inside or out. Beatrice has also give me some amazing nutrition advice and has completely changed the way I look at food."


Leanne Smith


Before having my little girl nearly 4 years ago exercise was a big part of my life. I would train at least 4-5 times a week without much effort. Since having Rachel I have struggled to find the motivation and also to get the routine back of regular exercise, this was until I started training with Beatrice. Beatrice has shown me that no matter how little time I think I might have even a short 10 minute workout is going to make me feel better. We have our training session once per week and have just attended the Bootcamp group session. On top of this I’m walking, trampolining and swimming with my daughter. Beatrice has shown me that I don’t have to be in the gym every day to have an active lifestyle. I look forward to our training sessions but also enjoy being active with a very lively little girl.

Angelina Morley


"If it wasn’t for Beatrice’s enthusiasm and motivation I think I’d still be using my busy life as a nurse and a mum to a toddler as an excuse for not having time to workout! I’m now working out every single morning and have managed to curb my sugar addiction!"

Kerry Hill


"Beatrice's workout are awesome I can already see an improvement but most importantly I feel fitter and healthier. With ongoing support and motivation on Operation Drop-a-Size and the knowledge I've learnt I'm not just changing my lifestyle but my whole family's for the better."

Jodie Cotton


" I love the one to one support you get from Beatrice, she makes working out fun which is something I never thought I would say! She has taught me a lot about the variation of workouts available and changed my outlook on a healthy lifestyle completely."

Hannah Davis

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