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Operation Drop-a-Size: Service

Finally Get the Results YOU are Looking For

If you struggle to manage your weight or create healthier habits, I am here to help!


During our coaching, I will guide you on how to create a healthier lifestyle by looking at the different aspects of your life including your nutrition, physical activity and your general wellbeing. This is not a quick fix, it’s a journey that will allow you to understand and control a variety of issues such as your eating patterns and daily habits.

Here are the ways to work with me:


FOCUS Programme


The Focus Programme will help you FOCUS on achieving REAL results trough habits, goal setting and accountability

The FOCUS Programme clients will receive:

  • One initial 30 - minute consultation (by phone or Zoom call)

  • Weekly motivation coaching sessions; in these sessions, we will go over what you have been working on, what’s working, how you’ve enjoyed your exercise routine and your nutrition

  • Unlimited email and message support throughout the week

  • You will also receive a weekly personalised workout programme and a Nutritional Therapy programme specifically designed for your goals plus a 21 Days Recipe e-book

  • I will be supporting and encouraging you throughout the programme and I will be available by email to provide you with the support you need. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and create a plan on how to achieve them in order for you to lead the healthiest and happiest life!

If you've always struggled with losing weight or to stay motivated on your fitness journey, the FOCUS Programme is for YOU!


RESULTS Programme

The Results Programme will help you achieve REAL results trough habits, goal setting and accountability.

The Results Programme clients will receive:

  • Initial coaching session where we create your plan on how to achieve your goals

  • Weekly workout training sessions personalised according to YOUR individual goals 

  • Nutrition advice to educate and inspire you to create healthier habits, we'll be looking at you current eating habits and create a plan on how to find the right balance

  • Nutrition Assessments to identify any nutritional or deficiencies needs

If you've always struggled with losing weight or to stay motivated on your fitness journey, the Results Programme is for YOU!

Operation Drop-a-Size

A 4 weeks online programme tailored to your busy and hectic lifestyles, to help you lose weight efficiently and achieve your fitness goals rapidly.

Operation Drop-a-Size clients will receive:

  • Initially consultation to create a plan for your fitness journey

  • 4-week meal planner that includes an Operation Drop-a-Size Recipe Book with  21 quick and easy to follow recipe ideas plus a Nutritional Therapy Assessment

  • 5 short yet intense workouts are provided each week for the most comprehensive exercise routines you can possibly get anywhere you can do it from the comfort of your own home, and NO additional equipment is required.

Here's what some of the ladies that completed the programmes have to say about it!

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